Four reasons to replace your chair covers

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Four reasons to replace your chair covers

Four reasons to replace your chair covers

23 December 2019
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Replacement chair covers are a cheaper and easier alternative to reupholstering your furniture. However, you may be puzzled as to whether you need to replace your covers or if you can carry on with the old ones. Here are four reasons why it might be time to get new chair covers.


Like bedding and other soft furnishings, chair and sofa covers can attract dirt, mites and skin cells from the people sitting on them. For this reason, you should be sure to wash your chair covers regularly. However, as they have less contact with skin than sheets or pillows, it is unlikely that you will need to replace them on hygiene grounds alone. If you are keen to keep your home as clean as possible though, it might be worth noting that duvets or mattresses should be replaced every five to ten years, and you might want to keep up a similar schedule with your chair covers.


Chairs and sofas are subject to spilled drinks or food, particularly in the age of the TV dinner. In general, this should just wash out, but you may find that the covers have become permanently stained. If you can't just cover the stain with a cushion, it's time to replace your covers to keep your house looking clean.

Wear and tear

Similarly, chair covers don't last forever and will suffer a lot of wear through regular usage. Over time, they will start to fade, to wear thin or even to develop holes. You can try to patch them up, but it is a cheap-enough solution to simply buy new ones. Nothing makes old furniture look new again like new covers, and you will be impressed at the difference it makes to the look and feel of the room.


Finally, you may simply want a change. One of the advantages of chair covers is that they can be quickly replaced with a different style or colour to suit the decor of the room, or you can replace them just to bring in a new style with the season. And of course, provided they are in good condition, you can keep the old ones and will be able to change back to them whenever the mood suits you.

Ultimately the decision to change the chair covers is yours alone, based on their condition and how they fit in with the rest of the room.

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