Tips for Creating Productive Collaboration Spaces in Your Office

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Tips for Creating Productive Collaboration Spaces in Your Office

Tips for Creating Productive Collaboration Spaces in Your Office

24 January 2019
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Collaboration is more important than ever. If you have a big project, you want to draw on the knowledge and talents of multiple team members, and to make that possible, you need an office space that facilitates collaboration. For some inspiration, check out these ideas.

Strike a Homey Feel

People are often more inspired when they feel like they are at home. To create a collaborative work space that feels like home, you may want to strike a homey feel. Consider putting desks in an area with a fridge and other kitchen amenities. Then, your team can brew a cup of tea or make snacks while they are working on the project. You need fuel and comfort when you're using your brain.

Alternatively, go for a more lounge-like space. Rather than desks, set up couches and comfy chairs in your coworking spaces. So that people don't have to hunch over their laptops, you may also want rolling desks or stands that can be pulled over to these sitting areas. Some office managers also like to put in billiards or ping pong tables.

Encourage Movement

Sometimes, getting your body moving is the best way to get your brain moving. Luckily, there are all kinds of ways that you can encourage movement in your group space. Consider putting in high tables with a mixture of stools and spaces for standing. Or, you may want to use short chairs and balance balls at a conference table. To really get people moving, get rid of the desks, and outfit the room with mini trampolines, treadmills, and other movement-oriented devices.

Integrate Big Screens

Regardless of which particulars you decide to put into your coworking spaces, you may want to integrate some big screens. You can put in projectors with big screens that pull down when needed. You can invest in large conferences tables that have big screens attached to either edge. Or, you can play with multiple other ideas.

A screen allows team members to cast their individual ideas onto the screen so that everyone can see them. You can share anything from full presentations to small tidbits. If you have people working on the project from their homes or satellite offices in other areas, you can also use the screen to integrate their contributions. For instance, they can join the meeting on the screen, they can cast their ideas up on the screen, or you can all collaborate together and track your progress on the screen.

Get Feedback From Your Team

If your workers feel positive about your changes, that should have a positive impact on your productivity and creativity levels. Psychologists call these feelings place identification. If your employees have negative place identification, they may be less engaged. To ensure high engagement levels, get feedback from your team on the type of office set up and fitouts they want to have. They may have interesting ideas on what will work the best versus what will create distractions.

To make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible, you may also want to create some solitary spaces. There may be times where people want to focus on ideas on their own and then bring the ideas to the shared space.

Insist on Flexible Designs

Ideally, you want your office fitouts to be as flexible as possible. Then, you can create multiple configurations to meet your constantly changing needs. For instance, you may want desks that can be moved around so that you can go from a large presentation area to a space where several groups can meet at the same time. You may want pods that can be closed for solitary thinking and then opened for collaboration. You may want partitions that can be moved in and out to split up or open the space as needed.

To get more ideas, contact a company that specialises in office furniture and fitouts.

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