Building Materials You Could Use For an Eco-Friendly Home

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Building Materials You Could Use For an Eco-Friendly Home

Building Materials You Could Use For an Eco-Friendly Home

20 October 2016
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If you are looking to construct a residence and would like to reduce the impact of your construction on the environment, you should consider eco-friendly building materials. These materials may not completely eliminate the release of carbon emissions and other toxins in the air, but you will have contributed to the decrease of your individual carbon footprint, which can go a long way in environmental conservation. Below are some of the building materials that you could consider for the construction of your eco-friendly home.


One of the main materials used in environmentally friendly construction is bamboo. This is because it is a highly versatile material that can be incorporated into a wide assortment of applications. You have the option of choosing to construct your entire structure using bamboo or choose to use it for crafting various aspects of the home such as flooring, room dividers and more. Bamboo is considered eco-friendly because it is a sustainable material. It can be replanted as well as reforested at a faster rate than regular timber, so there is a very slim chance of it going on the decline. In addition to this, bamboo is forested all over the world, so you would not have to invest in having it shipped from halfway across the world.

Reclaimed timber

If you would want the conventional rustic appeal that timber brings to a structure but would like to be environmentally friendly, you should consider reclaimed timber. This type of wood is much more eco-friendly when compared to lumber that has been freshly felled. There's an array of places that reclaimed timber can be sourced from. Popular sources of reclaimed timber included demolished buildings, old ships, recycled timber products and more. You may also find that some forms of reclaimed timber are even more durable than fresh timber as they would compromise mature pieces of wood that have withstood the climatic changes for a significant amount of time, which would make them highly weather resistant.

Photovoltaic roof tiles

Your roofing plays an integral role in keeping your home energy efficient. The wrong type of roofing or poor quality roofing materials can increase the thermal loss and gain in your home, which can lead to an increase in your energy bills. To enhance the energy efficient of your structure, you should consider photovoltaic roofing tiles. These tiles will provide you with the basic functionality of conventional tiles with the added benefit of being able to harness energy from the sun. This decreases your home's energy consumption making your structure eco- friendly.

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