Four Things to Know If You Want to Include Teak Furniture in Your B&B

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Four Things to Know If You Want to Include Teak Furniture in Your B&B

Four Things to Know If You Want to Include Teak Furniture in Your B&B

1 September 2016
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Wondering if you should include teak furniture in your bed and breakfast or not? Well, there are actually a surprising number of reasons you should incorporate teak furniture into your decorating scheme, and there are multiple different ways you can include this type of furniture. Take a look at these facts and ideas:

1. Teak furniture requires minimal maintenance.

As a bed and breakfast owner, you need to focus on marketing your property, making your guests comfortable, cooking breakfast and other aspects of running a B&B. You don't want to waste time polishing, painting, staining or otherwise maintaining furniture. Luckily, with teak you don't have to. This type of furniture is virtually maintenance free, whether it's inside or out.

2. Teak furniture restores well.

Many people who own B&B's have them in large, old homes. If this describes your situation, you may want to complement your older home with older, antique furnishings. Teak is a great place to start. It stands up well to the test of time, and if you find some old, knackered furniture in a charity shop or in a thrift store, you can easily restore it to its former beauty with a bit of sanding and some teak oil.

3. Teak furniture is a sturdy option for outdoor furnishings.

Remember, teak doesn't have to be restricted to the inside of your B&B. It's also a great option for the outside of your bed and breakfast as well. In particular, many types of outdoor furniture -- especially that made of wicker, canvas, plastic or other non-wood materials -- don't stand up well to constant wear and tear. However, if you have lodgers at your home using your outdoor spaces on a regular basis, you need something sturdy, and teak is ideal.

However, just remember, if you have cushions on your outdoor teak furniture, you should remove them and take them inside if it rains. If you don't, the colour of the teak may bleed into the cushions. Once the teak has developed its silvery patina, however, you don't have to worry about this step.

4. Teak furniture comes in a range of designs.

When you decide to include teak as part of your interior designs, you get to choose from a whole gamut of furnishing types and styles. Get creative and think outside the box. In particular, if you serve breakfast in bed at your bed and breakfast, consider teak breakfast trays. These are sturdier than many other types of wood, and they have oils that resist stains from food and drinks.

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